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The Write Analysis

Understanding People
Through Their Handwriting

Graphology is a fascinating subject.  It can give you an insight into the character of your family, friends and colleagues.  This A4-sized book, which is based on the author's long interest and experience in the field, is intended to introduce newcomers to Graphology and to encourage them on to further studies.

Angela Spencer-Harper has produced an ideal beginner's book on Graphology, reflecting her practical and logical approach.  She has made this personal by sharing her family and friends with the reader.

Handwriting analysis is all about finding out what makes people tick and being understanding and positive in recognising the best way to interact with them.  Angela shows how to be objective and constructive in the way she explains her observations and the reasoning behind them.

She manages to make the challenge to ‘have a go’ like an achievable proposition and I recommend that readers take her up on it, by using her book as a helpful companion in their endeavours.
Elaine Quigley    
BA Hons.    
M.BIG (Dip)    

Chapter titles are:  1) Handwriting Analysis – The Science of Graphology;  2) Envelopes;  3) Margins;  4) Slope of Lines;  5) The Emotional Barometer;  6) The Three Zones;  7) Pen Pressure;  8) Size of Writing;  9) Capital Letters;  10) 't' Bars and 'i' Dots;  11) The Personal Pronoun;  12) Spaces between Lines and Words;  13) How Words are Joined;  14) Interpreting Signatures;  15) Speed of Writing;  16) A Few Last Pointers;  17) Understanding Your Family;  18) Learning More about Your Friends;  19) Using Graphology in Your Workplace;  20) Oodles of Doodles;  21) Making Your Own Analysis;  22) Conclusion.

Bibliographic details:  Robert Boyd Publications: Witney.  2000.  ISBN 1 899536 51 5.  A4 size (210 x 295 cm; 8" x 12"): 56 + viii pages, with many illustrations and photographs.

Winter 2014-15: Copies of this book are readily available by post from the author, the sole distributor:

Angela Spencer-Harper
The Old Place
Witheridge Hill
Oxfordshire RG9 5PJ

enclosing a cheque (in sterling on a UK bank, made payable to Angela Spencer-Harper) for £7.95 (+£1.05 for p&p).  Please indicate if you would like the copy autographed, and state the name of the person you would like it dedicated to, if appropriate.