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Graves at St Paul's, Highmoor, Oxon

This is an unofficial record of the graves at St Paul's Church, Highmoor, Oxfordshire, as researched by Angela Spencer-Harper in 1993.

Main Churchyard

The graveyard immediately surrounds the church.  Enter the gate, turn left, and go round the church clockwise, starting by the lane wall.

    Emily Springell 1869 - 1939.  Arthur Springell 1889 - 1948  (The Springells lived in what is now 'Witheridge' on the New Road.)  Thomas Springell, died 18 Apr 1935, aged 38.  (This was their son, first husband to Bill Kimber's wife; he died after he was knocked off his bicycle by a van with a ladder sticking out of it.)
    Hereabouts are several cast-iron head and foot markers which bear no inscription.
    Caroline, wife of Henry Earle, died 23 Sep 1912, aged 54.
    Henry Earle, died 21 Jul 1939, aged 75(?).
    Grace Bland, died 2 Feb 1932, aged 62 (of Snowdrop Cottage, Witheridge Hill; died of cancer).
    Jonas Green, died 21 Jan 1917 (no age given)[51]; and his wife Mary, died 17 Nov 1922 (no age given)[55]; and their son George Green, lost on HMS Hampshire 5 Jun 1916, aged 20.
    Sissy E Tripe, 1897 - 1974; Richard J Tripe 1899 - 1974.
    TR8/27535 Pte A Green, 36 Trg Reserve Btn, killed 22 Oct 1918, aged 18.  (A War Graves Commission stone; the Greens lived at 'Brickbats' on Stoke Row Hill.)
    Lisle March Phillipps, died 31 Jan 1917, aged 54; Isobel Forbes March Phillipps, died 17 Dec 1938, aged 60; and their daughter Diana Margaret Wright, 31 Mar 1910 - 9 Oct 1968 (of Satwell House?).
    45964 Pte R Baldwin, Wiltshire Regiment, killed 12 Aug 1919 [aged 19] (A War Graves Commission stone); Fannie Baldwin, died Apr 1943 (no age given)[82].
    Mary Ann Leake, died 29 Jan 1938, aged 73; George Arthur Leake, died 25 Oct 1944, aged 84; George Ernest Arthur Leake, Capt, DSO, died Rouen, 2 Jun 1917, aged 29.  (The Leakes lived at Well Cottage.)
    Edward W[illiam] H Taylor, died 18 Sep 1927, aged 47; and his wife Elsie ('Kit') Taylor, died 5 Feb 1930, aged 49.  (They were landlords of the Dog and Duck.)
    Hereabouts are several uninscribed kerbstones and illegible headstones.
    Henry George Page, died 22 Mar 1924, aged 50;Agnes Page, his wife, died 15 Mar 1964, aged 81 (of Highmoor Farm).
    Priscilla Page, died 9 Aug 1915, aged 43; Thomas Page, died 19 Oct 1906, aged 67;Caroline, his wife, died 27 Aug 1904, aged 66.  (These Pages also lived at Highmoor Farm.)
    Lucy Anna[Ann] Wise, 17 years a nurse at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, died 4 Oct 1905, aged 32[57].  (This may not all be correct, as the headstone is crumbling and difficult to read.)
    Mark Newton Wise, 25 years Clerk of this Parish (he also played the organ), died 17 Sep 1903, aged 58; and Elizabeth, his wife, died 10 Feb 1922, aged 84.
    Fanny(?) Giles, died 1888, aged 48(?); Charles James Giles, died 4 Sep 1896, aged 48.
    Anna Maria Wise, widow of Mark Wise, died 13 Jun 1883, aged 76; and Mark Newton, grandson of the above, died 17 Jun 1877, aged 5.
    Mark Wise, died 1 Aug 1871, aged 61; Anna Maria, daughter of the above, died 11 Jan 1870, aged 17.
    James Wise, 25 Jun 1834 - 18 Jun 1910; Rebecca, his wife, 14 May 1838 - 8 Oct 1923 (they lived at what is now Rose Cottage in the woods at Lower Highmoor; Rebecca was great-aunt to Louisa and Ada Wells.)
    Joseph Wickstead, died 1933 (no age given); Anna Maria Wickstead, died 30 Nov 1954, aged 82.  (This couple lived in the bungalow known as 'Newstead' on the New Road at Highmoor.)
    Here is a large pine tree, in line with the old yew, which is by the wall of the church itself, and was reduced to approx 5' high in 1993.
    'Our Dear Sister' - Elizabeth Harman, died 24 Oct 1954, aged 75.  (Believed to have lived at Rocky Lane.)
    Edward Harman, died 28 Sep 1945, aged 63.  (Perhaps brother to Elizabeth - he was a thatcher.)
    William Page, died 25 Apr 1908, aged 86; Ann, beloved wife of William Page, died 16 Nov 1896; Caroline Ann, died 21 Jan 1874, aged 20 years; and Charlotte Elizabeth, died 22 Dec 1864, aged 1 year (daughters of the above).  (The Pages lived at Stonehouse.)
    Sarcophagus type stone, surrounded by cast iron rails and six posts: Frances Justin Elwes, 2 Nov 1827 - 12 Jul 1882.  (Miss Elwes lived at Highmoor Hall and paid for the erection of the Highmoor Well canopy; she is believed to have been a benefactor to the village in other ways also.)
    James May, died 18 Apr 1887, aged 65; Annie, his daughter, died 2 Mar 1886, aged 19; Albina May, wife of James May, died ? Feb? 1910 aged ?[63] (of Rocky Lane).
    Sarcophagus type stone: Sarah Ann, beloved wife of William Bird, 8 Jul 1829 - 11 Feb 1885; William Bird, late of Satwell Farm, 23 Oct 1880 - 12 Jun 1914.
    Sally, wife of William Reeves of Highmoor Farm, died 6 Feb 1862, aged ?; William Reeves, died 17 Jul 1865, (aged 60?).  (All in Gothick lettering and Roman numerals.)  William Reeves, their son, died 5 Feb 1895, aged 70.
    Sarah Ann Tubb, daughter of the above, died 2 Dec 1897, aged 68.
    H[Horace] Seymour Kerr Pechell, Capt in the Bombay Artillery, died 20 Dec 1867, aged 33; Caroline Anne Pechell, his sister and daughter of Rev Hiram(?) R Pechell, died 6 May 1869, aged 36.
    James Samuel, beloved son of James and Louisa Saunders, died 5 Oct 1885, aged 17; Solomon Saunders, died 14 Oct 1879, aged 85(?)[48].  (Brother to Louisa and Ada Wells's mother's father.)
    Mary Ann Uphill, died 8 Sep 1940, aged 66 (of Highmoor Cross Cottages).
    Charlotte Ethel Hewitt, died 22 Sep 1941, aged 72; Jesse Hewitt, her husband, died 10 May 1943, aged 67.
    Stephen Saunders, died 9 Jun 1868, aged 26; Susan Lilian Saunders, 18 Jul 1873 - 3 Jan 1874, aged 1 year[5 months] 'Suffer little children to come unto me, For such is the Kingdom of Heaven'.  Samuel Saunders, who departed this life 4 Mar 1891, aged 45.
    Susan Wells, died 26 Oct 1956, aged 79; Edward James Francis Wells, died 18 Feb 1968, aged 95.
    Mary Ada Britnell, 1914 - 1974; and her husband, Ernest John Britnell, 1908 - 1981; and their daughter, Nancy, 1937 - 1941, aged 4 years (she died of congestion of the throat).
    To my Dear Husband, Alfred L[eonard] E Stevens, 1902 - 1976 (stone book).
    Thomas Baylis, died 12 Nov 1922, aged 81; Eliza, his wife, died 23 Apr 1930, aged 83.  (This couple lived at 'Tudor Cottage' in Lower Highmoor Woods; he helped to lay the foundations of Highmoor Memorial Hall.)
    Louisa Saunders, died 7 Aug 1914, aged 76; James Saunders, died 16 Jan 1916, aged 80.  (This couple lived in one side of 'Woodlands' on the B481.)
    Silas Saunders, died 25 Jan 1925, aged 76; Stephen Saunders, died 13 Mar 1930, aged 57; Edith Ruth Saunders, died 9 Sep 1960, aged 71; Silas Henry Marshall Saunders, died 28 Jan 1931, aged 56.  (Silas Henry was known as 'Harry'; this family lived at 'The Grubbin' in Stoke Row, to the rear of the Village Green.)
    Williams Marks, died 12 Jan 1865, aged 68; James William Stopes Marks, his son, died 20 Jun 1885, aged 45.
    Sarcophagus type stone: Mary Wood, beloved wife of Alexander Booth, died Satwell, 10 Jun 1889 [aged 50].
    Sarcophagus type stone: Harriet, wife of William Bailey of Satwell, died 18 Jul 1870, aged 62.
    William Bailey, 4 Apr 1818(?) - 17 Jul 1886.
    Maria Elliott, died 31 Aug 1919, aged 64.
    Henrietta Jane Lee-Warner, died 22 Aug 1897, aged 60; and Thomas Henry Lee-Warner, 12 years Vicar of this Parish, died 11 Mar 1890, aged 63.
    By the rear, east wall of the Churchyard is a gravestone to: Margarita Mary Mercedes MacIntyre Rowan, loved wife of Arthur Rowan, died 26 May 1933 (no age given).  (This was the daughter of Mr and Mrs MacIntyre of Highmoor Hall.  She had these Spanish-type names because Mrs MacIntyre was Argentinian.  She and her husband, Arthur Rowan, lived in the bungalow at the entrance to Highmoor Farm.  They had a baby (a son?) who died of 'milk fever'.  It is thought that Arthur Rowan took the child to Argentina).
    Annie Tudor, died 21 Dec 1944, aged 82; George Tudor, died 12 Oct 1923, aged 80.  (This couple lived in Church Cottages.)
    John Gillett Bailey, died 28 Feb 18(?)[1910], aged (?)[77]; Annie Bailey, died 9 Apr 1917, aged 84; Frederick Charles, beloved son of Frederick & Rose Bailey, on active service in France, 30 Apr 1917, aged 19; William John Bailey, died 8 Jan 1894, aged 32.  On the reverse side: Sarah Janet, died Feb 1861, aged 5 months; Alice Annie, died Jul 1872, aged 13 - beloved children of John and Annie Bailey.
    Against the north wall of the churchyard: Elizabeth Emma Bailey, died 16 Feb 1943, aged 68; William Frederick Bailey, dated[died?] 23 Dec 1946, aged 79.
    Emma Leader, died 3 Dec 1991, aged 78; Mary Leader, died 30 Dec 1873, aged 77.  (Emma Leader was known as 'Edie'.)
    Joseph Bailey, died 28 May 1916, aged 78; Jane Bailey, his wife, died 30 Nov 1921, aged 77.

    John Cadell, who died aged 5, is said to have been buried in Highmoor Churchyard, but the grave is probably unmarked.  This little boy was son of an Italian prisoner of war called Josefi Arditto Cadell, always known as 'Ginger', who worked as a tractor mechanic on the farm behind what was then known as The Old Kennels and is now known as the White House at Satwell - the farm is now called Conway's Farm.  'Ginger' married Myrtle ('Jimmy') Jimson, who was a Land Army Girl on the Farm, and had already made arrangements to emigrate to Canada, and indeed, 'Ginger' himself had already gone out there.  One day, little John was doing some cutting out and cut himself accidentally with the scissors.  His mother took him to the surgery of Dr Pim, senior, where his daughter, who was a nurse, gave the child a whiff of ether so that stitches could be put into the wound.  The child promptly died - he may have had a heart condition.  'Ginger' and 'Jimmy' did go out to Canada, they also had another boy called Ivor and later another son whom they again called John.  However, they later split up and 'Jimmy' took her sons to Australia or New Zealand.  (This story was told to me by Mrs Mary Ramsay in 1996.)

Extension Churchyard

NRA/VIII/159 at the Oxfordshire Archives: From 1860: Registers of Burials, Marriages and Church Services.

Clockwise, in approximate geographical order:

    Douglas Arnold Robert Tovey. 21 Mar 1908 - 9 Jul 1991.  (Mr Tovey lived at Highmoor Park.) A great benefactor by whose generosity many lives have been enriched.
    Peggy Cox, died 31 Aug 1967.  (Mrs Cox lived at 'The Old Place', at the foot of Witheridge Hill.)
    Harold Powell Crosland, Brig, CB, CBE, MC, TD, DL Col, Berkshire Yeomanry, businessman and farmer, 5 Mar 1893 - 9 Jul 1973; and his wife Lilian Edith Crosland, 11 Jan 1891 - 30 Oct 1960. (They lived at Satwell Spinneys.)
    Peter Harold Crosland, Capt Berkshire Yeomanry and farmer; and his sister Pamela Joan Crosland, 1 Jun 1923 - 13 Dec 1986.
    Sidney Wells, died 4 Jan 1957, aged 55 (brother to Louisa and Ada Wells); and Louisa Victoria Wells, died 10 Jan 1966, aged 58.
    Albert James Summers, died 2 May 1956, aged 62; and his wife Dorothy Rose Summers, died 20 May 1984 aged 84.
    Marguerite May Hughes, 31 May 1885 - 7 Oct 1945, wife of Rev John Hughes, MA; and Rev John Hughes, MA, 18 Aug 1873 - 25 Aug 1953.
    John Jackson Hamilton, BA, AMICE, killed on active service 10 Dec 1941, aged 28.  (The Hamiltons lived at Satwell Barton.)
    George Hamilton, Capt RD, RNR Retd, died 10 Aug 1950, aged 80; and his wife Lilian Ellen, eldest daughter of Sir John and Lady Jackson, died 19 May 1960, aged 80; Jane Hamilton, died 16 Aug 1950, aged 75.
    Lucy New, died 18 May 1958, aged 89.  (Lived at 'Newstead', bungalow on Highmoor New Road.)
    Ellen S Sheppard, died 17 May 1959, aged 80.
    To the dear memory of Arthur Christopher Denham, 1873 - 1960.  'He was a good citizen'.  (Mr and Mrs Denham lived at 'The Little Manor House', on Witheridge Hill.)
    Benjamin and Emily Stevens.  (Parents of George Stevens; no dates on tombstone, but Benjamin died 7 Nov 1953.)
    Tom and Queenie Garlinge (no dates).  (Queenie was sister of George Stevens.)
    William George Moss, died 15 Oct 1949, aged 73; and his wife Sarah Annie Moss, died 10 Mar 1951, aged 69.  (They lived at No 2, Post Office Cottages.)
    Sarah Jane Saunders, died 21 Apr 1949, aged 66.
    Eileen Stella Burrell, 2 Jan 1909 - 22 Apr 1948; and Joseph Alexander Burrell, 11 Oct 1903 - 6 Nov 1982.  (The Burrells lived at 'Newnhamhill', Newnham Hill.)
    Helen Spittal, 18 Nov 1895 - 21 Jan 1976.
    Dudley Gordon Widdows, 1914 - 1976.  (Lived at 'Woodlands'?)
    Richard Charles Hall, died 8 May 1980.
    Vera Whittington, 1882 - 1980; and Joan Whittington, CBE, JP, 1907 - 1980.  (Mother and daughter; lived at 'Janes' on Witheridge Hill; there is also a seat near here in this graveyard, on which is a brass plaque that reads 'Seat presented to Miss Joan Whittington, OBE, by Goring Heath Scouts, 1962'; was she CBE or OBE, or both?)
    William Henry Brakspear, 1902 - 1981; and Edith, 1903 - 1985 (his wife?).
    Duncan S Cumberlege, 3 Feb 1889 - 24 Jun 1975; and his wife Phyllis, 5 Apr 1895 - 30 Jun 1983.
    Evelyn May Stephens, died 18 Nov 1985; and Charles Samuel Stephens, died 2 Jul 1990.
    Jack W S Thurley, 28 May 1912 - 18 Oct 1987.
    In the corner is a very large, family grave, with a huge headstone.  The whole is surrounded by posts and chains and in the middle, attached to a corner post by a chain, is a small anchor.  The top of headstone bears the words 'Journey's End'.  There are six panels, the first of which reads: Edward Wyndham Burr, killed 22 Jul 1937, aged 25 (possibly he was drowned at sea?)  The next reads: Edith Frances Burr, died Christmas Day 1958.  Below: Harry Burr, 1854 - 1938, sometime Guardian of this Parish.  The remaining three are blank.  (The Burrs lived at Satwell House, Satwell.)
    Miss Eleanor Gask, 8 Aug 1873 - 5 Feb 1962.  (Lived at Witheridge Hill Farm.)
    Gilbert Stone, 1891 - 1943, of 7 Highmoor Cottages; and his wife Sarah, 1900 - 1956.
    Albert Job Treadwell 21 Mar 1944, aged 67; and his wife Edith Treadwell, died 22 Aug 1966, aged 75 (of 12 Highmoor Cottages).
    A J Miles, 20 Jun 1889 - 27 Nov 1962 (cremated); and wife and mother E K Miles, 1890 - 1979.  (Lived at The Lodge, Highmoor Hall.)
    Sgt Cyril Symonds, Gunner, RAF No 2235152, killed 18 Dec 1944: 'He gave his life for his country'.  (War Graves Commission headstone; he lived in Holly Close.)
    William and Ena Louise Archer (no dates) (of The Barn and Satwell.)
    Thos Frank Tudor, died 30 Oct 1946, aged 66; and his wife, Helena May Rose Tudor, died 17 Apr 1967, aged 83 (of Yew Tree Cottage).
    Louisa Sophia Leader, died 13 Sep 1948, aged 68; and William John Leader, died 28 Aug 1954, aged 83.  (This couple were landlords of the Woodman public house at Highmoor.)
    Harry Clifford Moss, 1919 - 1985 'Hedd, Perffaith Hedd' (Welsh: 'Peace, Perfect Peace') (of No 2, Post Office Cottages).
    Roger Charles Stone, 3 Aug 1960 - 6 Jul 1977.  (Died in a car accident, shortly before his 18th birthday; he was the eldest son of Roy and Joyce Stone and lived at 7 Highmoor Cross)
    Frederick George Monger, 1893 - 1975.  (He lived in the council bungalows opposite the church at Highmoor.)
    Walter George Wigmore, 1893 - 1974; and his wife Emma Wigmore, 1893 - 1983 (of No 1, Church Cottages, Highmoor).
    Bill Moss, 1912 - 1972.
    Richard William Cox, 1875 - 1960; and Harriet Cecelia, 1886 - 1968 (his wife?)
    Percival McDonald Wyatt, died 28 May 1972, aged 68; and Elsie John Wyatt, died 16.1984, aged 90 (his wife?).  (Lived in Glebe Close.)
    John Otto Taleen, 1 Jan 1899 - 3 Sep 1971.
    Phyllis Rose Green, died 20 Feb 1971, aged 64.
    Reginald Arthur Thomas Green, died 28 Feb 1986, aged 80; Phyllis Mary Beakhouse, died 8 Jul 1969, aged 59.
    Arthur Beakhouse, died 17 Nov 1973, aged 66.  (His wife was Phyllis Beakhouse nee Earle, and they lived in Holly Close.)
    Alice Charle(?), 28 Jan 1890 - 15 Sep 1970, mother of Phyllis and George Claude Williams, 1889 - 1963, Faithful Priest, and Eleanor Mary Williams 1899 - 1990.
    Ann Veale, died 24 Aug 1985, aged 50.  (She was the wife of Mark Veale and the daughter of Arthur and Ada Britnell; the Veales lived at No 3, Highmoor Cottages; Ann died of cancer.)
    Arthur Baldwin, 4 Mar 1900 - 23 Oct 1987.  (Known as 'Archie', he used to run The Lamb at Satwell, but when his wife left him he went to live with his sister in Henley.)
    Winifred Delaney, died 14 Nov 1973, aged 91.  (Mrs Delaney was a Catholic, and lived at Highmoor Croft.)
    Oonah Mary Hole, 14 Dec 1915 - 12 Mar 1977, 'So brave, so dearly beloved'.  (Oonah was Mrs Delaney's daughter and lived at Newnham Hill; she was believed to have died of cancer.)
    David W E Wells, 1934 - 1988; Richard Wells, 1905 - 1989 (brother to Louisa and Ada Wells); Dorothy Mabel Wells, [5 Jan] 1912 - 1990
    Mabel D E Russell, 1911 - 1990 (originally of Stonehouse Cottages, and late of Holly Close).
    Dorothy Bishop, 1920 - 1990.
    In the far corner of the graveyard extension, now almost covered by the encroaching compost heap, is a stone laid in the ground to: Hilda Blow, 1877 - 1957 and Sydney Blow 1878 - 1961.  How sad that their grave should be so ignominious, because, as Hilda Trevelyan, she had played the part of 'Wendy' in J M Barrie's 'Peter Pan', 900 times, indeed, she was the first 'Wendy'.  Julius Blow was responsible for many successful West End productions and, with his architect brother, Detmar, renovated many cottages in the district.  Hilda Blow was a Catholic, and this stone was engraved because it had been the stone top of a seat in their garden at 'Janes'.  (Told to me by Mrs Louisa Stevens.)

Angela Spencer-Harper.  April, 2009.