Angela Spencer-Harper

Author and Speaker

Angela Spencer-Harper was born and grew up in Stanmore, Middlesex.  She and her husband have lived most of their married lives in the Chiltern Hills.

She has spent a lifetime as an administrator, and is now retired.  Her hobbies include editing and word-processing the village magazine, many forms of arts and crafts, gardening and reading.  Her main interests are local history and graphology.

As part of her local history work, she has transcribed and put online the publicly released census returns for the two villages nearest where she now lives in South Oxfordshire:

Stoke Row:                  1841185118611871188118911901

Highmoor (Highmore):  1841185118611871188118911901
and has now assembled some other records relating to the villages: marriages performed between 1849 & 1913 at St John the Evangelist, Stoke Row, and the graves in its graveyard; baptisms performed between 1818 & 1833 and 1944 & 1996 and marriages performed between 1943 & 1999 in the Chapel, Stoke Row; and the graves in the graveyard of St Paul's, Highmoor.

She has been a guest lecturer on local history and graphology on the QE2 and other cruise ships over the past 25 years.  In recent years she has had three books published:

Dipping into the Wells: The story of the two Chiltern villages of Stoke Row and Highmoor seen through the memories of their inhabitants.

The Write Analysis: Understanding People Through Their Handwriting.

The Old Place: Twixt Thames and Chilterns.

Winter 2014-15: Copies of these books are readily available by post from the author, the sole distributor:

Angela Spencer-Harper
The Old Place
Witheridge Hill
Oxfordshire RG9 5PJ

enclosing a cheque (in sterling on a UK bank, made payable to Angela Spencer-Harper) for:
    £19.95 (+£5.50 for p&p) for Dipping into the Wells
    £7.95   (+£1.05 for p&p) for The Write Analysis
    £14.95 (+£3.55 for p&p) for The Old Place
Please indicate if you would like the copy autographed, and state the name of the person you would like it dedicated to, if appropriate.

Many photographs from the Angela Spencer-Harper Photographic Collection covering many aspects of life in Stoke Row, Highmoor and the Chiltern Hills area of Oxfordshire are available on the Chiltern Society website.

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